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While private pop-up dinners, farm-to-table feasts and Insta-famous chefs are ruling the cannabis cuisine scene right now, LEVO is changing the game for curious home cooks.

First launched in 2017, the appliance makes the infusion of oil and butter from dry cannabis flower as easy as the touch of a button and now, the company is readying for the release of the LEVO II—an even more streamlined experience packed with improved features and innovative technology.

For founder and CEO Christina Bellman, the journey from concept to countertop started in 2011, long before recreational legalization even seemed feasible (let alone a career in cannabis). Then a college student studying finance, international business and philosophy at New York University, Bellman had a self-described “lightbulb moment” while watching a group of friends attempt to make marijuana-infused treats in their dorm room.

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The B.C government says it has received around 100 permits to operate private cannabis stores in the province. This comes as the province expects to have just one government-operated store, located in Kamloops, open by the time recreational pot is legal on Oct. 17.

“It is going to be a gradual process in the sense there will be a few stores ready. Local governments are the ones making the decisions on the kind of retail outlets they want, whether they want a government store or a private store or a mix of both or in some cases, they have indicated they don’t want any retail,” said Farnworth. “It will take two or three years for the system to mature.”

The applicants for the private stores will have to go through background checks and it is unclear how many of the current applicants will actually get stores. Currently, there are about 1,000 liquor stores in British Columbia, a combination of private and government-run stores.

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TTC says it must keep the public safe and won’t take chances with any form of cannabis.

A Toronto Transit Commission employee says she’s back on opioids because her employer told her she can’t use medical marijuana and remain as a subway operator, even though her doctor thinks cannabis is the best treatment for her chronic pain.

Ellaine Farrell, 59, has suffered from two herniated discs in her lower back and fibromyalgia, a condition that causes widespread pain. She said the TTC offered her other non-safety-sensitive positions if she wanted to stay on medicinal cannabis, but they would come with a big pay cut.

“I feel betrayed by my company, especially when there’s people making decisions on my life and they have never ever seen me face to face,” Farrell, a 26-year TTC employee, told CBC Toronto.

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New Jersey could be moving toward a viable legalization bill. This week, local media sources received a copy of a new legalization measure that lawmakers think has a very good chance of passing. If the legislation is approved, New Jersey could soon implement some of the nation’s most progressive cannabis laws.

New Jersey’s New Legalization Bill

The foundation of the new bill is making it legal for adults 21 and older to purchase, possess, and consume small amounts of cannabis. Additionally, the bill explicitly calls for the creation of a robust commercial market.

This foundation is much like other states where weed is legal. But New Jersey’s newest bill also includes a number of features that could make legalization in the state relatively unique. Here are some highlights:

Low taxes: The new legalization bill calls for retail taxes around 10 percent. As pointed out by local news sources, this would be among the lowest in the nation. Previous iterations of a legalization bill called for taxes in the neighborhood of 15 to 25 percent. Retail dispensaries: In many adult-use states, there have been awkward periods where it’s legal to possess and consume weed, but nowhere to legally buy it. But New Jersey’s

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CANNABIS CULTURE – Julia Lake taught high school in Los Angeles for more than 30 years. When she retired in 2017, she knew exactly how she wanted to spend her days. An avid gardener, she dreamed of filling her yard with massive flower beds filled with towering rhizomes and brightly colored irises. Unfortunately, the arthritic pain in her joints was making it increasingly difficult for her to even put on the gardening gloves. That’s when her daughter Alexis suggested CBD cream combined with yoga.

Like many older Americans, Julia was initially appalled at the suggestion of using a cannabis extract for pain relief, even after Alexis explained to her that cannabidiol is non-psychoactive. Julia agreed to try the yoga but adamantly refused to explore CBD in any form. Much to her delight, three weeks of yoga did result in some pain relief. Research has shown yoga to be an effective tool for pain management in older women, and Julia seemed to be a living testament to these findings.

But it wasn’t enough.

Though Julia’s inflammation was becoming less noticeable and her mental well-being was improving significantly, her pain still hadn’t improved to the point where she could stop taking the

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“But everybody knows that smokin’ ain’t allowed in school.” – Brownsville Station

Going to college, for most budding young minds, is all about finding your place in the world and getting the education necessary to become a viable part of civil society, one that vastly surpasses the scholastic ranks of your idiot predecessors. Accomplishing this goal, however, takes conviction, a tremendous amount of focus and, depending on the student’s extracurricular interests and disposition towards inebriating substances, enough mind-ripping marijuana to choke an inbred Russian racehorse with a vicious case of mange.

Seriously, they don’t call them institutions of higher learning for nothing. College is where most people go to have their first experiences with weed – all of it — the good, bad and the unexplainable. These are the life-changing moments that can help shape their bright-eyed perspectives of this wild, wild world and hopefully assist in spitting out semi-intelligent, well-rounded individuals.

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Tilray, a Canadian cannabis company, has received permission from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to export a medical marijuana drug to the United States for a clinical trial, the company announced Tuesday. The medication will be studied at the University of California San Diego to determine its usefulness treating essential tremor, a neurological disorder affecting millions of Americans.

Dr. Fatta Nahab, a neurologist and associate professor of neurosciences at the UCSD medical school, said receiving approval to import the drug from the Food and Drug Administration and DEA took months.


The drug Tilray will export is a capsule with a formulation containing both THC and CBD. The medication will be studied at the UCSD Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research for its effect on essential tremor, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary movements of the body.

“This is an oral capsule formulation that has actual plant in it,” Nahab said. “It’s a purified, medical-grade formulation, and to my knowledge, that’s never been imported from Canada before.”

Nahab said that the quality of the medicine, which is derived directly from cannabis plants, makes it a good candidate for clinical research.

“We’ve got a set dosing, fixed, highly consistent, and so it’s really

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Food delivery subscriptions are becoming wildly popular in the U.S. And typically, things go smoothly. But every once in a while, customers might receive a delivery they were not expecting. That’s exactly what happened to a woman in Greene County, New York, who recently opened a mail order box of snacks to discover that it was full of weed.

A Surprise Delivery

According to local news sources, Jeanine Mulholland ran into her surprise delivery at some point toward the end of last week. The way Mulholland describes it, her 11 year old son opened a box from Graze, which sends them bi-monthly snack deliveries.

Typically, the boxes from Graze are filled with a variety of healthy snacks. But this box was different. There were reportedly multiple sealed packages of marijuana laying on top of the usual snacks.

After discovering the unexpected delivery, Mulholland called Graze and local law enforcement.

Graze reportedly reviewed their security footage. Representatives from the company said it didn’t look like anyone had tampered with the package in their facilities.

As of now, police are investigating the case. So far, they haven’t figured out how the cannabis got into the snack box or who put it there.

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Shirley Avedon, 90,­­ had never been a cannabis user. But carpal tunnel syndrome, which sends shooting pains into both of her hands, and an aversion to conventional steroid and surgical treatments are prompting her to consider some new options.

“It’s very painful; sometimes I can’t even open my hand,” Avedon says.

So for the second time in two months, she has climbed aboard a bus that provides seniors at the Laguna Woods Village retirement community in Orange County, Calif., with a free shuttle to a nearby marijuana dispensary.

The retired manager of an oncology office says she’s seeking the same relief she saw cancer patients get from smoking marijuana 25 years ago.

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CANNABIS CULTURE – Today started out different than most, upon rising  I had to forgo my usual ‘wake n’ bake’ and settle with just coffee and a fruit cup since I had an appointment with a drug recognition expert later this morning and I wanted to be sharp.

CTV news is doing a piece on marijuana and driving and was looking for subjects and after some discussion I was 1 of 2 people picked for the story. I took the Skytrain downtown to meet with CTV reporter Mi Jung Lee where we rode the Canada Line skytrain to Richmond and met up with her cameraman and the other medical cannabis user for the story but I’ll keep the focus of this on my own experience but give you details of what happened.

We drove to the Delta Police Station where we were met by the D.R.E. (drug recognition expert) as well as the Delta PD media spokesperson and the chief of the Delta PD. After introductions and some discussion about how we were going to do the tests we went out to the parking lot to do our work.

Since I was a long time regular user we decided that

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